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I think that designers and front-end developers should easily be able to discover the best templates & themes to kickstart their projects. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the firehouse of Website templates out there. Template Stash is a limited collection of the best free Website templates. Of course, "best" is subjective, so we only choose templates that meet specific design criteria. We evaluate each template on the basis of Visual Appeal, Form & Function and Ease-of-Customization. Template Stash is a growing curation with 50 templates organized and searchable by category, keywords, provider or framework. There are also specific collections that are grouped by various design trends such as "flat", "material design" and "color pallette".

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Form & Function

There's a unique balance that top designers are able to achieve. UX and interaction is foremost when it comes to key elements of site design such as navigation, readability and content structure. With the majority of Web visitors now browsing on mobile devices, 100% device-agnostic responsive design is a must for our template selection criteria. Responsive design is now the recommended design pattern by Google, and directly impacts Google search engine placement.

Ease of Customization

While poorly written code and inline CSS are obvious considerations for choosing a template, there are other criteria we look for. When frontend frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation are used it's important that the baseline files are not changed. Customization should be done using a CSS pre-processor (ie; LESS, SASS) or CSS overrides in a seperate file. For multi-page templates it should be easy to removed unnecessary pages and components.

Visual Appeal

While subjective, visual design is an important selection criteria. We look for designs that demonstrate visual balance, symmetry and uniqueness. Designs that are less recognizable often become the trend-setters. Animations and transitions should not be overdone. Often, less is more. Simple color pallettes work well, and templates designs should avoid overuse of large file formats like too many high-res images or video backgrounds.

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