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This collection includes some of the best, responsive admin themes available. All of these admin themes have been designed as a complete solution for rapidly building the front-end of the dashboard of your web app. They have all included many extra addons, plugins and features (plugins for charts & graphs, calendars, file managers, etc..). Everything you will need to kickstart your dashboard design.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard
Image for light-bootstrap-dashboard-by-creative-tim

Light Bootstrap Dashboard is an admin dashboard template designed by Creative Tim to be beautiful and simple. ...

bootstrap   kit   rubik   bootstrap3   beautiful   collection   plain   comprehensive   creative  


Material Admin Responsive
Image for material-admin-responsive-template

Material Admin is a Google Material Design inspired powerful-lightweight fully responsive retina display compa...

github   admin   bootstrap   picker   components   http   coded   angularjs   angular  


Nice Admin Bootstrap Admin Html
Image for nice-admin-free-bootstrap-admin-html-template

Bootstrap 3 admin template free! Nice Admin is a powerful admin template based on Bootstrap framework,it provi...

responsive   admin   bootstrap   template   downloads  


Sb Admin 2 Bootstrap Admin
Image for sb-admin-2-free-bootstrap-admin-theme

SB Admin 2 is free Bootstrap admin theme, dashboard, or web app UI from Start Bootstrap. This theme features a...

responsive   bootstrap   jquery   admin   plugins   themes   license   dropdown   menu  


Homer Admin
Image for homer--responsive-admin-theme

Here's a premium admin dashboard theme with flat design concept. It is fully responsive admin dashboard templa...

jquery   bootstrap   angular   admin   plugin   angularjs   meteor   components   asp  


Gentella Bootstrap Admin
Image for gentella-free-bootstrap-3-admin-dashboard-template

Here is another free, responsive admin template built on Bootstrap 3 from ThemeWagon. This admin template is w...

admin   dashboard   panel   bootstrap   free   theme-wagon   charts   forms   wizard  


Director Admin
Image for director-admin-template

Director is a free responsive admin template. It is built on top of famous twitter bootstrap framework. It is ...

css3   admin   bootstrap   template   modal   previewlink   tables   html5   backend  


Bootstrap Zontal Admin
Image for bootstrap-zontaladmin-template

Zontal is free Bootstrap admin template for personal and commercial use. It features nice animations and movem...

responsive   bootstrap   template   bootstrapzero   zontaladmin   css   login   social   forms  


Bootstrap 4 Modular Admin
Image for bootstrap-4-modular-admin

This is a free, Bootstrap 4 modular admin theme. ModularAdmin is an open source dashboard theme built in a mod...

bootstrap   themes   admin   dashboard   bootstrap-4   high-quality   flexbox   one-page   modularadmin  


Bootstrap 4 Admin
Image for bootstrap-4-admin-theme

A Bootstrap 4 starter admin theme that includes some interesting new features such as 5 grid tiers, cards, `em...

bootstrap   admin   templates   page   flexbox   css   app   dashboard   landing  


Boom Admin
Image for admin--dashboard-web-app-template

Boom! Admin is an extensive Bootstrap admin theme that is full-featured and versatile, This Web app dashboard ...

bootstrap   angularjs   admin   json   css   html5   app   template   dashboard  


Blur Admin
Image for blur-admin-on-themecards

Blur admin is a free, open source Angular Bootstrap Admin Panel framework that is customizable via SASS. This ...

free   angular   admin   dashboard   open-source   charts   maps   todo   sass  


Amaretti Responsive Admin
Image for amaretti-responsive-admin-template

Amaretti is a responsive admin template based on the famous Bootstrap framework, made it with love in every pi...

bootstrap   admin   html5   fixed   template   components   grunt   designed   colorful  


Absolute Admin
Image for absolute-admin-theme

The AbsoluteAdmin Bootstrap 3 template is more than your typical admin dashboard. Built on Bootstrap 3 it cont...

bootstrap   admin   dashboard   absoluteadmin   plugin   widgets   template   contextuals   fixed  


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