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You only have a few seconds to capture the attention fo your Website's visitors. That's why a short but sweet landing page is essential to draw them in. Here's a curation of high-quality landing pages that may be the perfect match for your startup or brandy new page. And, if you're starting up you probably don't have a lot of cash to spend. Don't worry, these templates are totally free and 100% responsive so that they'll work well on desktops, tables and smartphones.

Basic App Bootstrap

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ForBetterWeb makes some very beautiful, modern themes and here is a free theme built on Bootstrap. It's a simple, but functional landing page for your app. The design looks professional and high-end. It comes with 5 color schemes, and there are vertical sections to highlight app features or screenshots. There are also social and app store links for iOS, android and chome. Notice this theme's clear balance, and beautifully aligned elements.

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Appi Mobile App

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Appi is a sleek landing page designed to show your next app, site or product. With a fresh style & minimal design, you can show off your next product with confidence.

design   tin   appi   blacktie   fonts   sleek   product   love   app  




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This is a clean, free Parallax style MD HTML/CSS template by MDT.

responsive   gpl   license   components   gnu   stand-alone   clients   parallax  



Highlights By Html5 Up

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This is a fun little responsive one-pager by HTML5 Up that works well as a simple personal intro page for Web designers, Web developers or professional single-page resume. It has a full screen background image that is fixed as the centered content section floats over it.

responsive   one-page   simple   narrow   scrolling   image  



Directive By Html5 Up

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A responsive HTML5 + CSS3 site template designed by HTML5 UP and released for free under the Creative Commons license. This is a clean and unique design with alternating vertical sections, and a contact form. This works well for a app launch page with a single clear marketing message.

responsive   single   launch   landing   contact   form   minimal  



Alpha By Html5 Up

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Another fine responsive site template freebie by HTML5 UP. This template starts with a full screen background image, and simple "sign-up" or "learn more" buttons. This works well and simple sign-up page, or launch page to collect emails for beta users.

responsive   beta   launch   landing   signup  



Striped By Html5 Up

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You're looking at Striped, a fully responsive HTML5 site template designed by AJ for HTML5 UP It features a clean, minimalistic design, styling for all basic page elements (including blockquotes, tables and lists), a repositionable sidebar (left or right), and HTML5/CSS3 code designed for quick and easy customization.

responsive   html5   html   one-page   background   sidebar   minimal  



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