Material Design

Based on the popular Google design language

It seems like a lot of #frontend developers these days are moving towards adoption of the Principles of Google's Material Design. At the core, Material Design emphasizes the metaphor of real world paper & ink. MD uses motion (animation) to focus attention and meaningful user interaction. MD elements and colors are bold & deliberate. Several theme designers have adopted these principles into their responsive templates that are based on Material Design.

Material Design Dashboard

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A front-end template that helps you build fast, modern mobile web apps.

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Material Design Lite WordPress

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Material Design Lite WordPress (MDLWP) theme is based on the Google Material Design framework. This is a simple blog theme that displays posts in expandable cards. A sample ribbon page is included, multi-column footer and responsive sidebar menu that is toggled via a hamburger icon.

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This is a clean, free Parallax style MD HTML/CSS template by MDT.

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One Page Material Design

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This is a one page Material Design HTML template based off the MaterializeCSS framework. The template includes styles for several sections including work, team, and a nice big header. This theme can be downloaded on an external website.

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Bootstrap Google Plus

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Bootstrap google plus template example. This is a free, responsive starter template and theme for Bootstrap 3 from BootstrapZero.

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Material WordPress

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MaterialWP MaterialWP is a bare bones Material Design WordPress theme that is based off of a Bootstrap theme. This mix gives you all the Bootstrap functionality and components with the Material Design UI. This theme includes: Responsive Design Blog layout Portfolio Template Widget Areas This theme can be downloaded on an external website.

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Material Design App Landing Page

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This is a simple one page HTML template design to use as an app landing page. This template also built using Project Polymer.

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